Automatic Monthly Payments

I want to make paying the fee as easy as possible for you so I’ve set up multiple payment options below. (Click here to make a single payment.)

PayPal (3% fee)

Select your monthly payment amount. A small amount will be added to cover PayPal fees.

Credit Card (4% fee)

Just click the button below and enter an amount to be charged monthly. Payments will be processed by WePay. A small amount will be added cover credit card fees.


Bank Billing (No Fee)

Most banks allow you to set up automatic monthly payments. You can instruct your bank to send a payment to me each month at my mailing address.

ACH Bank transfers (No fee)

I can send you a recurring invoice and you can choose to pay it automatically with ACH bank transfers (though it only seems to work with some banks). Let me know if you’d like to do this and I can set it up.